Hydraulic Engineering

GeSySo designs and supplies geosynthetic systems and solutions for hydraulic engineering applications. The service includes designs, feasibility studies, system solutions, project-specific solutions, construction drawings and on-site installation support. Areas of applications are:

  • Coastal engineering: breakwaters, revetments, bank protection, dams and dikes
  • Waterways: canal linings, erosion control solutions, dams and dikes, bed and scour protection
  • Water bodies: lining and erosion control solutions, bank protection
    Dewatering: sludge dewatering by geosynthetic tube containers

HE - Breakwaters

  • Filtration-stable constructions with reduced layer thicknesses
  • Separation and filtration function within element and reinforcing function at base
  • Allows use of locally sources materials

HE - Bank Protection
Bank Protection

  • Wide-ranging stabilization options, from rigid/coherent to flexible
  • Filtration-stable constructions
  • Allows use of locally sourced fill materials

HE - Canals

  • Variety of cost-effective lining solutions available
  • Eco-friendly integration in natural setting
  • Combined waterproofing and erosion control function

HE - Dams and Dikes
Dams and Dikes

  • Optimization of dam geometries
  • Erosion-resistant dike design
  • Surface erosion protection
  • Dike lining

HE - Revetments

  • Filtration-stable construction with separation function
  • Straightforward installation, also under water
  • Reduced layer thickness
  • Continuous filter layer

HE - Bed Protection - Scour Protection
Bed Protection | Scour Protection

  • Wide-ranging stabilization options, from rigid/coherent to flexible
  • For both bed protection and heavily used boat landings and scour protection to structures

Hydraulic Engineering Projects

Nigeria – SENL – Eko Atlantic – City Development Project