Roads and Pavements

GeSySo provides solutions for:

  • Asphalt reinforcement to prevent reflective cracking: rehabilitation of asphalt pavements and concrete pavements
  • Base reinforcement to increase bearing capacity of base courses and to reduce deformations and rutting: temporary roads and working platforms, permanent roads and pavements, railway base courses

RP - Temporary Road
Temporary Roads

  • Increases bearing capacity
  • Bridges inhomogeneities
  • Significantly reduces rutting
  • Allows installation of pavements on very soft ground

RP - Railways

  • Ensures adequate bearing capacity, even where safety requirements are high
  • Accommodates differential settlement
  • Prevents twisting of track

RP - Permanent Roads
Permanent Roads

  • Increases bearing capacity
  • Extends service life of roads
  • Allows reduction of layer thicknesses

RP - Working Platforms - Wind Turbines
Working Platforms | Wind Turbines

  • Allows accommodation of heavy loads, even on problematic subgrades
  • Reduces thickness of or eliminates need for soil replacement
  • Fast and simple construction

RP - Rehabilitation of Asphalt Pavement
Rehabilitation of Asphalt Pavements

  • Actively retards or prevents reflective cracking
  • Eliminates need for completely new construction
  • Low-cost rehabilitation method

RP - Rehabilitation of Concrete Pavements
Rehabilitation of Concrete Pavements

  • Prevents propagation of expansion gaps
  • Fast and simple overlaying of concrete slabs
  • Long-term retardation of cracking in asphalt
  • Low-cost construction

Roads and Pavements Projects

Nigeria – SENL – Eko Atlantic – Reinforced Soil Retaining Structures as Part of the Master Infrastructure Plan

Nigeria – SENL – Eko Atlantic – City Development Project

Nigeria – Julius Berger – Reconstruction Ibadan Expressway