GeSyso Geosynthetic Tubes Lekki Nigeria

Installation of Geosynthetic Tubes by Boskalis at Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria

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Dangote Oil Refining Company (DORC) is setting up a green field refinery, polypropylene plant and fertilizer plant planned at 30 nautical miles east of Lagos, Nigeria. To provide Ocean access…

Welcome to our company

GeSySo is an independent Geosynthetic Engineering & Supply firm having its roots in the Netherlands. GeSySo stands for Geosynthetic and Environmental Systems and Solutions.
First focus of GeSySo is on Engineering and Supply of geosynthetic solutions.

Geosynthetic Systems and Solutions

Geosynthetic systems allow the construction of economical, innovative and sustainable solutions. The general shortage of land and construction base materials (such as gravel) increases the need to construct on difficult terrain (soft soils) with locally available materials. Therefore the challenge for the construction industry to create developments on good bearing soil and to protect available terrains steadily increases. CDR International provides services including geosynthetics designs, feasibility studies, construction drawings and on-site support. First focus is on geosynthetics engineering for:

  • Earthworks and Foundations
  • Roads and Pavements
  • Hydraulic Engineering

GeSySo started in 2015 and operates with a small specialist staff and a selected team of partner specialists, with whom we can cover the entire range of services in which we would like to participate. The team consists of hydraulic engineers, geotechnical engineers, road engineers and environmental engineers. We work with strong and reliable partners and an extensive network of highly experienced specialists, such as CDR International ( and Huesker Synthetic ( Because of our international partners and large network, GeSySo can offer the most advanced, feasible and most competitive solutions.


Once the site is identified, after a site investigation we can prepare alternative conceptual solutions including geosynthetic options, and test the feasibility in comparison to traditional solutions. Both preliminary and detailed geosynthetics engineering designs can be performed based on (inter)national standards, taking into account design criteria and local soil and hydraulic parameters. After the design phase, construction and operation criteria are combined with inspection and monitoring on site. Different geosynthetic solutions from different providers are compared in order to obtain the best solution.